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2018 Shanghai Center of Photography Volunteer Program

1. Administrative affairs: ticket booking and register at front desk
2. Exhibition duties: Photos and words proofreading and tour guide (if qualified)
3. Activity support: Assist in preparation for opening and other special events

Time requirement:
1. Program can only be applied quarterly. 10:30 am to 5:30 pm can be separated into 2 half-day shifts. At least 2 half-day shifts or 1 full-day shift is required for each week
2. If cannot be on duty as scheduled, must notice us at least 1 day before. For any one with more than 3 absences will be removed from the program
3. There will be a half-day shift at evening if needed for special events

1. Free entry within the service time. Free training of administrative and exhibition related work
2. Preference to reserve for special events
3. A certificate of volunteer service will be given to those with service time of no less than 80 hours in a quarter

Please send email with title of “ volunteer+name+phone number” to lester@scop-sh.comor call 021-64289516.

SCoP Welcome all the students and others interested in the art of photography to apply for it.