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【Public Relationship Manager】
Report To: SCoP Curator, Artistic Director, General Manager
Salary: Negotiable
1. Write the press releases related to all SCoP’s exhibitions and promote them on the online platforms, including but not limited to Weibo, WeChat, Douban, Email Newsletter, Official websites, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Guarantee the high content quality and updating frequencies of released articles, as well as the steady growth of subscribers on all platforms. Ensure the high level of professionalism, content completeness, interactivity, and attractiveness of all the online platforms.
2. Supervise the publicity materials that the media release.
3. Proactively contact with our current and potential media partners; ensure the timeliness of reports releasing, and the development of potential partnerships with media.
4. Other tasks to be supplemented.
Qualities required:
1. Bachelor degree or above in Journalism, Chinese and relevant majors
2. More than two years’ experience in writing, interviewing or public relationships with mainstream media; the experience with art-related industries is preferred
3. Great interest for art and media; a strong sense of initiative to work
4. High level of team cooperation, communication, and leadership
5. Excellent English reading, writing, and speaking ability with CET-6 certificate; Strong writing skills in all articles for publicity and promotion
6. A Good connection with media and a clear understanding of the dynamics of the art and media industry
7. Proficiency in using Adobe
8. Experience with art industry or VIP services is highly preferred
【Assistant of General Manager】
Report To: General Manager
Salary: Negotiable
1. Arrange and archive the office administrative documents, prepare the meeting minutes, and communicate to all the departments
2. Assist general manager to draw up the time tables for both external contacts and internal works; summarize staff’s overtime, leave, and leave in lieu information; examine and close accounts for every month’s office expenditures
3. Manage the art book store, and prepare the book catalog/amount/stock/monthly sales report
Qualities required:
1. Bachelor degree or above
2. Optimistic and active personality, strong ability to work under pressure
3. Excellent English communicative ability with CET-6 certificate
4. A basic knowledge with photography
5. Proficiency in using Adobe
6. More than two years’ work experience
7. Female
How to apply:
Please send your CV or other related materials with the title of “Name+Position” to ziyan@scop-sh.com