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Shanghai Center of Photography (SCôP) was founded in May 2015 by Mr Liu Heung Shing. SCôP is a non-profit organization: the first such accredited art institution dedicated to photography in China, and Shanghai’s premiere museum for the photographic medium. SCôP showcases international and Chinese photography in all its diverse applications. Here you will find the best of journalism, documentary, social history, fashion and art photography from around the world. In tandem with its curated exhibitions, SCôP offers a program of educational programs including workshops, lectures, and publications.

Founder Liu Heung Shing

Liu Heung Shing is an accomplished photojournalist and Pulitzer-prize winning photographer. He has also edited of a number of books on Chinese photography, being possessed of a wealth of knowledge about both Chinese and Western photography. Born in Hong Kong in 1951, Liu apprenticed at Life magazine in the 1970s where he was inspired and influenced by the legendary team of Life photographers including Gjon Mili. In 1977, he moved to Beijing where he became the chief photographer for Time magazine and the AP. In 1992, he shared the Pulitzer Prize for Spot News for the coverage of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Collaborating with publishers such as Taschen, Viking and Penguin, Liu Heung Shing’s publications offer an authoritative voice on photography in China, including China, Portrait of a Country (Taschen, 2008), Shanghai, A History in Photographs 1842-Today (English version) (Penguin Viking, 2010), and China in Revolution, The Road to 1911 (Hong Kong University Press,2011). Volumes of his own works include USSR, Callapse of an Empire (Associated Press, 1993) and China After Mao (Penguin,1983). In recognition of China After Mao, Newsweek magazine called Liu Heung Shing "The Cartier- Bresson of China."

Board of Trustees

  • Liu Heung Shing

    Chairman of Board of Trustees.

  • Li Ruigang

    Founder and Chairman of China Media Capital since 2009, Li served as President of Shanghai Media Group from 2002 to 2011.

  • Alvin Jiang

    Managing Director of Boyu Capital.

  • ​Yu Xiaoye

  • Mary GU 

    The Chief Executive Officer of CMC (CMC Capital Partners) and CAA(Creative Artists Agency).

  • Arthur Wang

    CEO of 698 Capital, Wang is also an international lawyer, investor and businessman.

  • Jenny Liu

    MSc. in Financial Engineering from Columbia University. Secretary General of the Students & Scholars Association.
  • Jolene Jiang

  • Meijie (MJ) Tang

    Founders and investors in Education Industry. Harvard University Alumni Association Local President and China Director for Rhodes Scholarship.